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Image by Diana Polekhina

Yuletide Crystals


All the riches of the world in my hand

I hold you close to my chest

My beating heart, my tiger stripes

The sun smiles on you

Through the ice cold air crystals

Because it knows

You keep me warm



The mysterious queen

You hide your splendour

Your magic is undeniable

You glisten black but sparkle crimson

You’re not a liar, though you say you are

The shining mysticism you deliver

Blesses my mind and my soul



Such a loving nurturer 

A warm breeze on a cold day

The chasms of love pull me into an embrace

The forest, the grass, the meadows are all you

You fit in my hand like you were made for it

Or maybe I was made for you

How long have you been waiting for me



You play tricks, but you can’t deceive me

I always knew you for what you are

A shining abundance

Tossed to the side for the disappointment you caused

Not me

You never disappointed me

I needed you, I still need you

You are the magic, you are the wealth

You’ll never be jewelry

But you’ll always be a jewel to me


Image by Tonkla Pairoh
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