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Daily Journal # 1

I really hauled ass off the couch at 2am to push myself to do this.

I'd been thinking for a little while that I should just write a daily recap every night. Because I don't really know what else to write about while developing my blog and they say the best thing to do it just to start. So here was March 31st:

I started my day by filling the last 4 pages of my nearly 10 year old songwriting notebook. I completed it by starting the "Copy Project" with "Mama Werewolf" by Brandi Carlile and "exile" by Taylor Swift and Bon Iver. I found that to be an incredibly mindful exercise and can't wait to start every morning like that (just need to designate a new notebook now I guess...).

Since I did find that to get tiring after 2 songs I decided for the last two pages that I'd apply the same exercise of rewriting lyrics to 2 songs from Wild Moo's Chase: "Rational" and "Brace the Unsavoury"

I took the notebook to my office to start jamming and setting some lyrics to music and I think I struck gold with the verses for "Rational"

But I didn't end up pursuing that much because I was feeling really crappy on my 6th day of covid so I cleaned my humidifier while watching TONS of blogging and business advice videos on YouTube.

While I was sitting on my couch playing with my phone I decided to try and turn it into a productivity tool. It'd already been on it's way the last few days with Canva and Pexels, but I wanted to add some music notation apps and see how well the XML files transfer to my iMac. It works great:

Yes, it looks chaotic and no, I haven't listened to it. I just liked the idea of randomly tapping on my iPhone screen to satisfy by scrolling addiction urge, hence where all the notes came from. Then I plan to use a process from Jay's class where you find particular harmonic moments and then strip it back to build something from that. Will update.

And then I read a whole book. It wasn't a very complicated book by any means, and I really mostly just skimmed it. The book's been sitting on my shelf since my January quarter-life crisis called Coding for Parents. I knew I didn't want to dive too deep into the book because I don't have the mental capacity to learn coding yet. But I wanted to at least expose myself to some of the language designed for a child-education level.

Despite spending another day sick and stuck inside, it was a pretty successful day, creatively!

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