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Daily Journal #3

Writing this the next day because I got too tired last night.

Not a ton happened, I made a little to do list that I wanted to accomplish and I got most of it done:

Shadow Work:

I forced myself to get into a really uncomfy topic that I've been avoiding. I think it totally set me up for success all day. I haven't fully explored it, just scratched the surface, but starting to address this topic will be really beneficial to my growth I'm sure.

Song Copy Project:

Finished Reading a Book:

Cleaned up iPhone storage a bit:

I had to take care of a few things in my work email inbox. Returned the Enneagram book to the library and picked up my hold - Brandi Carlile Memoir.

I think Enneagram's is something I want to research a lot more, I found that book super interesting and want to research more.

Similar to Cognitive Distortions I learned about in therapy:

Interesting: My dominant type is 9 and my secondary types are 4 and 5. No wonder I'm such an introvert. Would love to learn more about this so I can navigate becoming more social while also properly taking care of my needs.

For additional research:

And ended the day with a positive (or, negative technically):

Still feel congested, like I really need to clear out my sinuses. But overall I was feeling way better yesterday and even better this morning as I type this.

At some point yesterday I had the thought "butterfly's ready to come out of her cocoon soon" and I feel like that's really powerful. I started a mind map last night to start exploring what that means. I'm calling today "Shadow Work Sunday" and I'm going to dive even deeper, pulling out old diaries, notes from tarot (Dec-Feb was VERY busy) and I'm going to really commit to changing my life forever. Today.

Will update when I write today's journal entry.

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